KeyBar for iPhone and iPad

As of iOS 8 it is possible to install third-party keyboard extensions on iPhone and iPad. These keyboard extensions work in all apps that use the system keyboard and make KeyBar obsolete.

Upgrade Your Keyboard

Configure an extra row of keys to put above the standard onscreen keyboard. Next, use the scratchpad to compose a text with the help of your custom keybar and copy it to the clipboard.

Add keys to your custom keybar by selecting them from the key table. The table contains keys of the following types.

Navigation keys
left/right, previous/next word, start/end of line, home/end
Accents and tone marks
Combine ´, ¨, ^, ¯, and other diacritics with any letter
Punctuation and common symbols
Quick access to (, ), «, », ', !, ¿, , $, ©, and more
Technical symbols
Type Ω, ×, , , , , …
Available on the App Store

Compatibility Details

Most characters entered with the help of KeyBar are compatible with virtually all apps on modern operating systems. Emoji compatibility varies. Before purchasing this app please understand that the keybar you configure will only show up in the KeyBar app itself; it will not show up in third-party apps (unless they explicitly add support).

I will consider all requests to add new symbols to the key table as long as there is a good use case to be made and as long as they are supported by the iOS system font.

KeyBar is compatible with TextExpander touch.


Contact Info

For questions and feedback about the app email